Drive not found!

Hi All,

Update on previous listing, after many happy hours of research and trial /error I have managed to get dashboard to see drive every time reliably !

Replacing windows surrogate drivers with updated Nvidia ones made drive reliably appear with all but one ( performance chart not reading data ) functions working !

But the reported sata link speed is just 1.5 Gb/s.

Do`es anyone know how I might get the rated sata speed of the Extreme II drive I have installed ???

Best Regards in anticipation JeffH.

Ps Amd athlon 64x2 processor with Nvidia Geforce 6100 and Nforce 410/430 rev3 southbridge

Pps Hope someone answers this one as its getting lonely out here !!! 


as far as i can understand the dashboard does not detect all the ssd options normally and the sata port is detected as sata 1.

Can you please provide a pic of the dashboard to see how the ssd is showing up with these options to see where it goes wrong?

It could be that the dashboard detects the controller of the sata port and this can be a sata 1 port.