Dashboard v4.0.2.20 shows odd Interface Speed

both SDSSDH3500G (Ultra 3D 500GB, firmware X61110RL) and SDSSDH3 4T00 (Ultra 3D 4TB, firmware 415020RL)

Dashboard v4.0.2.20 in English shows:

Interface Speed
Capability: Gen3 (6.0 Gb/s)
Connection: Gen3 (6.0 Gb/s)

“Gen3” seems to mean “3rd Generation of SATA”.

Dashboard in Japanese shows:

機能:一般情報3 (6.0 Gb/s)
接続:一般情報3 (6.0 Gb/s)

“一般情報3” means “General Information 3”, not “3rd Generation” in Japanese.
“第3世代” is proper localization. Not localized “Gen3” is also applicable.


No change in v4.1.2.4.

Hi @Cai0407 ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi, thanks for response.
I emailed to Support team now.