CFExpress Extreme Pro Not Compatible with Nikon Z7ii or Z6ii

I purchased two CFExpress Extreme Pro cards in the last year. Both of them were a problem as I could not make 4k videos longer than 15 min witout overheat warnings from the cameras. I called support and was sent emails to RMA the cards. Yesterday a replacement arrived. It does not work.
Yesterday I called support again. I was hoping to get some help. The language barrier is too great and I missed about 2/3’s of what she said. I though my problem was being escalated to engineering. Today I got the same form email to return the card support sent me.
This sound like a run around. I expect the second card to be delivered today and am sure it will not be different.
I am very displeased with the cards and support.
These cards of of no use to me and despite the website compatibility lists for my cameras they do not work in the cameras.
I am hoping that an English speaking person in support might help me.
Is there any way I can talk with someone in the USA?