Catch22 at userunfriendly forum, forced to get new emailadress in order to log in.


let me be frank.I am really pissed of how this forum is managed. The day before yesterday I posted a message in FAQ and stickies efter that I have found out that I could not log in from my other computer.

See the post under Impossible to log in! Lacking FAQ or help in the matter.

.I was stupid enough to believe that the fault was in my computer and logged out after posting the thread. But I got the same problem with my other computer also.

But I was glad that I have posted about this and was waiting for rescue.  Did I get any help? See the answers . NONE what so ever.

And there I was, locked out from the forum. If you reed the post you can see that there were no help to find anywhere.

I am really disappointed that none ,not even one of you responsible for the forum, made any effort to help.

I mailed Sandic support and reported the malfunction of the log in page.

The answer I got was basically "Log in and you´ll find help.!!! CATCH 22!!!

Well how can I post this?

I had to get me a new account with a emaliladress one letter shorter  than my former one. And a shorter username atte instead of banjoatte. That did the trick. So if you wonder why banjoatte ceased to take part in the forum here is the reason.

I hope anybody feeling any responsibility can give me an explanation of this ignorance.

My second question is how many users are now shut out from this community becaause of this malfunctioning log in page?

Luckily I am in no need of this forum anymore.  I got help with my original problem thanks to Bob on this forum a very helpful person.  I think you earn people like him to have a properly managed forum.

Honestly I can say with your attitude there is no wander your questions were not answered. This is a forum and there are 2 things wrong with your post. 1 you posted in the wrong board. The FAQ board is for frequently ask questions and your issue is not a frequently ask question. And 2 you just posted the questions yesterday, this is a forum there is not always an immediate response some can take 24 to 48 hrs to get a response.

Here is why you can not log in. You do not log in with your email address. Nowhere does it say log in using your email address. On the log in page it clearly says user name not email address. So go back to the log in page use the user name you registered and the password and you will be able to log in.

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