Card reader won't read brand new 16GB. SDHC card speed 4

My Samsung L77 camera is a few years old.  I just bought a 16GB San Disk SDHC card.  The speed marked on it is 4.   I have a lot of photos and videos but when I tried to get them off, the card reader doesn’t even show up on my Mac desktop.  My computer is 4 years old.

I put in the old card (2GB; no speed rating) and took some pix and video and the card reader did show up.  

I didn’t think the speed would affect whether or not my Mac can download from the card.

Do I need a new card reader?  A new card?  A new computer?  A new camera?  How about a new SDHC card?

Also, any suggestions on how I can get the photos and video off the 16GB. speed 4 card?


The Class (or speed) rating would not matter, but a 2GB card is SD format. Anything abouve that is SDHC format. Not all readers are SDHC compliant. You probably need to get a new card reader.