Memory card stopped working

Hi, My 16 GB micro card stopped working. It came in my Motorola Droid that I purchased in December of 2010. The phone notified me that the card was “Blank Card” so I tied to format it, but nothing happened. I tried removing it and putting it into my PC but it didn’t even register. So I can’t format it there either. It is a SDHC card with a 2 inside a circle. I assume that is a speed rating??  (class 2)?

Is my card still under some warranty since it is only several monthes old?

If I have to purchase a new one,

I see several Micro San Disk SDHC cards at, some have speed ratings,( a 4 inside a circle, class4?) and some do not. some with green ratings, some not. They appear to be in the same ballpark for price but whats the difference??



Yes, the card would be under warranty however if it was like this from the git-go I think your claim would be with your phone mfg. or whomever you got the phone from, not SanDisk. If it’s a new development, then certainly call SanDisk.

There are different speeds, or ‘classes’ of cards. The higher classes are designed for camera use; Class 2 is more than adequate for mp3 player or phone usage. For more info, you can consult the SD Association webiste.

Addition,   It turns out my computer probably can’t read the new HC card as they are not backward compatible even though they are the same shape and size, Its looking like the card is bad so I will try to contact Wirefly to see if they will do anything for me.

It was working since I received the phone and just stopped working. Who would I contact at San DIsk??

Thanks for the quick reply.


SanDisk Tech Support