Cant transfer files from Ubuntu 9.04 to The fuze

Hello I was woundering if someone could help me find out how to connect the sansa fuze with ubuntu and transfer files correctly. because they never appear on my mp3 player.

is there any way to correct this

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode.

Change it to MSC and it should show up as a USB drive. 

If you have transferred them but they don’t show up,  you need to fix the ID3 tags.

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Instead of searching for your transfered files via album/artist/genre tags you can use folder navigation. This allows access to your files in a save way regardless of any possible tagging issues. Note that you need the current firmware version x.02.26 which added the folder navigation feature.

I’m using a Fuze with Ub 9.04 also.  The Fuze has .26 firmware.  USB mode is MSC.  I cannot find the “folder navigation” feature that you refer to.  I looked in “System Settings”, “Audiobook”, and “Music”.

Probly one of those things that will seem obvious…

On the unit display, look at Music. The list goes well beyond Genres on the first screen. Scroll way down to the end of the list past Podcasts, Audiobooks and Recordings to find Folders. 

is there a way that i cant edit ID3 tags on linux.

So what are ID3 tags anyways. 

About ID3 tags

There is tagging software for Linux called EasyTag .

But you won’t get good results with its default settings. You must make sure to set it to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.   If it doesn’t have that settings, borrow a Windows machine and use mp3tag.