Won't download a crtain podcat

I have been dowloading my favorite podcast for almost two months and now they are not visible on the player. They are visible on the Sanza file browser, on the computer. I tried puting them in a general location and in a specific location and in both instances, the files are visible only on the file browser but I can see them on the computer. I also recently updated the firmware when I visited my old windows OS, but I generaly stay on Ubuntu where everything was just fine. :mansad:


The podcaster may have changed something in the ID3 tags, a common snag with podcasts.  Have a look at files that play, and compare them against ones that do not.

I prefer MP3Tag to delve into the tags, but there are different choices open in the realm of Ubuntu.  I can’t think of the title, is it Easy TAG?


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I checked on the ID3 tag and it was changed. So why doesn’t the Fuze recognize any or all podcast ID3 tags? what can I do about the change?

Maybe if you told us what show it was, We could download it and try it on our players and that way you will know if it’s just your Fuze or all.

It is Pastor’s perspective, from KWVE Radio in California. I was able to download this program for almost a month and a half, the the tag changed on 4/24/09

They probably changed the version of the tag. Fuze likes ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Linux may be using Unicode, which can confuse the Sansa. I don’t know anything about Easy Tag, but mp3tag with Windows can save the tags to the proper version–you just have to set the option once.