Can't revert to "Quick removal (default)" option in policy settings

Hello, I recently used the Device Manager to change the policy setting on my Extreme SSD to “Better Performance” to try it out. However, now it seems I am stuck, since whenever I try to switch back to “Quick removal (default)” I get the following notification:

I started to try and solve this on my own, but I figured it’d be safest to ask here, seeing as I don’t want to lose or corrupt any data. Thanks!

Hi @NimrodHawk,

Please refer below link to check with the respective team:

How does this help resolve my issue? I’m referring to the Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD. You’ve simply provided the support page for WD which doesn’t even list this particular product under their product support. The Sandisk support site suggests utilizing the forums here as I’ve done.


We apologize for the incorrect link.

Please refer link to contact proper support team :