Can't read vault files

I just got my Extreme USB3 drive, set up the vault, and transferred a number of files from another flash drive. Once I confirmed that I could open them properly, I deleted them from the old drive.

However, when I created the vault, I didn’t change the name from “My Vaults,” which I wanted to do. After a number of unsucessful tries, I realized I had to disable the Secure Access in the task bar.

I then set up a new vault with the name I wanted and copied the numbered files with the blank white rectangle (1,2,3,…) from the Files folder in the old vault to the new. However, the software clearly doesn’t recognize them now; they only show as the numbered files, even after logging out and back in to Windows, and restoring them simply moves the same “blank” number file out of the vault.

Therefore, I can only open the newly named vault with Secure Access.

There must be some way to access these files. The password is not a problem; perhaps I need to move one of the auxilary files from the old folder (dll?) to the new?

I suggest opening and copying each of the files from the old vault to your hard drive then copying them from the hard drive to the new vault.  That should work I would think.

I wrote unclearly. Unfortunately, I believe I cut the “blanks” from the old before pasting to the new vault anf then pasted them back. In any case, I have “blanks” in both vaults. What I don’t understand – it’s out of my league – is why whatever decrypting software is installed shouldn’t be able to read the files. It seems to me that there should be a way back, since the same software is at work; it’s a matter of getting the decryptor and the files together in the same place, no?