Can't open flash drive on IOS Monterey

updated my MacBook Pro to Monterey. Now I can’t open my Cruzer Glide 3.0 256GB flash drive. I get the message: “This application only runs on SanDisk flash drive”

I have exact same issue with Cruzer Glide “This application only runs on a SanDisk flash drive” since updating iMac to Monterey.

The question now is what will SanDisk do to fix the problem.

I have the same problem since updating to Monterey!

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I’m getting the same error message “This application only runs on SanDisk flash drive” when I try to open this app SanDiskSecureAccessV3_mac which I keep on my SanDisk flash drive with the new OS Monterey on my MacBook Pro. Up until I upgraded the MBP to OS Monterey, I was always able to open SanDiskSecureAccessV3_mac.

The app SanDiskSecureAccessV3_mac is on my flash drive, not on my laptop, but I am still getting this message: “This application only runs on SanDisk flash drive"

Hopefully Apple has a fix for their Monterey coming soon.

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Installed macOS Monterey and now the application SandiskSecureAccesV3_Mac app on my Sandisk Cruzer flash drive not working. Get message-This application only runs on a SanDisk flash drive- This is an issue for SanDisk to keep up with operating system upgrades, not Apple.

I agree. SanDisk needs to find a solution. I have most of my backups on their flash drive.


It’s an Apple problem, you should be posting there. At least check there to see what else people are having problems with.

Quite annoyed here. Have sensitive password related stuff that cannot be accessed. All was good until the MacOS Monterey installation. Has anybody on this platform received a response from SanDisk? Timeframe to get the issue rectified?

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I’ve been to the apple support community website. Many others are having the same problem with the Monterey update. Apple doesn’t have a solution.

Haven’t heard anything from SanDisk except their technicians are aware of the problem and would be working to get a fix. But no date on when that will happen. Very frustrating since I have a ton of files on my flash drive I can’t get to.

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I attended the Sandig support and they told me that it is third party software. More or less saying: not our concern - go away!

Not surprising since it doesn’t appear that they were ever concerned about finding a fix. I won’t buy anymore of their products.

Apple says the same thing. Not our concern.

I got a mail from Sandisk-Helpdesk:

New name: PrivateAccess.

Working fine on Windows and macOS Monterey and High Sierra.

I have the same problem.


Go to the link in my post.
Sandisk did release an update of the encryption-software. The new name of the tool is
Download it an follow the instructions.
Works fine so far.

Where do you back up your Flash drives too is the real question…In reality, using a flash drive as a primary back up is…not ideal. For example, if you happen to like drinking out of cups, think about how easily a flash drive can accidentally be dropped inside! For me, flash drives are really just a way to transport data or provide an alternative means for providing paperwork to clients instead of by way of printing and mailling. Not that I have any clients I prepare documents for, but if I did…Flash drive / MicroSD card would be likely an option I would offer to the paperless people out there.

As a new user, my former post is pending. But I already have an update for the problem with the update from the SecureAccess software for MacOS. My Mac is running on macOS Monterey 12.6 and could not install the new 3.02 version from the SecureAccess software. After running the new package the something like you only can install this software on a SanDisk Flash Drive.
On macOS Mojave, I could install the software without any problem. I could work and change the files in the Vault. And back on Monterey 12.6. I can use the program as if nothing happened. I hope Apple and or SanDisk will solve this problem very soon.