Can't get Clip to start at beginning of multi-part downloads

I’m new at this folks. Purchased the Clip two days ago, primarily to download audiobooks from NY Public Library. I’ve downloaded four or five by now, all successfully. They play back, BUT: there’s something about navigating the menus that I must be doing wrong. The books download in “parts”, anywhere from eight or nine to eighteen or nineteen (each about an hour long). Whenever (and whichever) book I choose to play, it always starts at Part 2. I’m able to use the Rewind button to back up to the initial section – but why can’t I access that at the outset? Why doesn’t it start there by default (or why and how am I skipping over it)?

While I’m at it, I’m not clear on the “resume” function, which is of obvious value to book-listeners. In my very limited experience with the Clip, sometime it picks up where I left off when I shut down, other times it starts all over again with the main menu. This concern is secondary to the query above, but any advice or clarification with regard to either will be most gratefully received.

I have the exact same problem—Overdrive audiobooks always start with part 2.  I have two solutions:

Option 1:  When you start to listen to a book, select Albums, select the book, the scroll down to Part 1 and start listening there.  In my experience, the parts are in order after that.

Option 2:  Create a playlist with the parts in the proper order:  (1) Transfer the audiobook to the clip.  (2) In Windows, browse to the folder on the clip that contains the audiobook.  (3) Right-click on Part 1 and select “Create playlist.”  (4) Name the playlist.  (5) Double-click the playlist to open it.  (6) Drag and drop the other parts of the audiobook onto the playlist window.  (7) Make sure the parts are in the right order; if not, use the up/down bottons in the playlist window to reorder them.  (8) Click ok to save the playlist.  (9) Disconnect the Clip, select your new playlist, and go!

As for the resume feature, these are my observations:

(1)  If you turn the clip off and turn it back on later without connecting it to a computer in the meantime, it resumes right where it left off.

(2)  If you turn the clip off and connect it to a computer to recharge (but do not transfer any files), it forgets what track it was on *but* it remembers where in the track it was.  If you browse to the right track in your audiobook playlist, it will resume playing where it left off.  I.e., if you were at 12:07:01 on track 2 when you turned the clip off, browse back to track 2 and select it, and the clip will resume playing at 12:07:01.  Note that if you accidentally select track 3, it will start playing track 3 at 12:07:01.  Attn. SANSAFIX:  This is very annoying! 

(3)  If you turn the clip off, connect it to a computer, and transfer files, it forgets everything.  So look at the track and timecode before you connect to a computer so that you can find your place again quickly.  The bookmarking feature, which is supposed to arrive with the next firmware update Any Day Now, should alleviate this problem. 

Oh–and one other annoying thing:  If you turn the clip off and connect it to a AC-to-USB wall charger, the clip turns itself on and starts to play where you left off—even if you paused the player before turning it off; even if you “locked” the player when you turned it off.  I’ve plugged mine in to charge overnight and discovered the next morning that it played the entire audiobook while I was sleeping.  Aargh.  This only happens with a wall charger; the clip does not start playing if connected to a PC for charging.

If the clip is going to turn itself on when connected to a wall charger, it should at least start up in “paused” mode.  It would be better if it didn’t turn itself on at all.

Sandisk, are you listening? 

Hi All, we are listening.

You Audiobook fans will like the next firmware release alot.  We will check into the power up charge issue.

one work around is connect to charger, then pause the device before you walk away to let it charge. 

Thanks, Sansafix.  Your responsiveness on this forum—and Sandisk’s willingness to listen to and sometimes implement user suggestions—is a big reason why I bought another Clip first thing this morning after my old one was stolen yesterday.

And put-the-player-on-pause-while-charging is exactly what I do—except when I forget.  D’oh! 

Thanks, Murph – and SansaFix – it’s always good to know you’re not alone. The workaround aimed at starting at the start seems sound and helpful; you obviously have more experience at this than I do, but I’m not sure I won’t just stay with hitting Rewind once or twice to get back to the beginning. And thanks for your help with the Resume function; I think you’ve explained what I took to be an inconsistency. (I’ve had this thing back and forth onto and off the computer many times now in its young life.)

I’ve been charmed and frustrated by my new toy in pretty much equal parts (maybe leaning more to the latter than the former), so I expect I will be back here with other basic queries in the near future. When I first started transferring books from Overdrive, it/they defaulted to the Music folder, where my five downloaded books are living now. That ain’t the end of the world (good writing is music to my ears) but it does offend logic. Especially since there is an Audiobooks folder on the Clip, which did not show on the computer until I forced Overdrive to put the last of my downloads in Audiobooks. And that’s where it sat in WinExplorer following the download, which I thought was nice so I set about to move the other four into Audiobooks as well. But, of cours, the laugh’s on me, as I expect you know. I gather now that I can’t move (or copy) files/folders from one folder to another. Further, when I disconnected the Clip from the PC, I discovered that the final download was not in Audiobooks at all (a click on that folder, and it proclaimed itself Empty) but had joined the earlier four books in Music.

Ah, well, I’m sure it will all work out in the end, maybe. Thanks again for you help.

Whe you get the next version,  the Content with Genre “Audiobook”  will be found in the Audiobook section of the UI.  Also content placed in the “Audiobook”  folder will be found there.

This content will remember a resume position you can select to continue where you lef off. 

Thanks, Sansafix. But by the “next version” do you mean the 01.01.20 firmware upgrade (which I just now installed; haven’t seen it in action yet) or whatever version will follow that. Or are you talking not about firmware but the next iteration of the Clip itself (I hope not)?

He means the next firmware version (likely to be called Version 21–we’re at 20 now), due out in 1-2 weeks.