Cant DRAG & DROP and i cant see all my video files when i click add media and search for it?

seems like it wont reconize some of my video files and why cant i drag and drop files into the converter anymore?

i downloaded the videos using Real Player and their .flv (flash videos)

I’m not sure that .FLV’s work on the SMC. Try converting the files to a different format first like avi or mp4 or something.

i used the any video converter to convert the videos (south park) but it messed up the sound so it lagged behind the whole episode on my mp3 and on the converted file

any ideas?

oh yea and i converted them to wat the converter calls "customized AVI Movie (*avi.) and when i play the movie in the corner it says Divx? so does that mean the video was converted to divx or wat? this converter is kindda confusing and i have windows vista dunno if thats a factor

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and do i convert it to the customized mp4 or the phone mp4 on the any vid converter?