Realplayer downloads?

My problem is quite similar to that of the thread “Sansa Media Converter sees no files.” I open the My Videos file in the add media window, and navigate to the realplayer downloads folder. When I open it, however, all I get is a blank screen. Will rhe SMC not show realplayer videos?

Do you know what the File Extention is on the Real Player Videos? If it is not one that is supported by SMC then no it wont show up.

Most of them are .flv extensilons, but there are a couple of realmedia, .rm, in there as well.

Those arnt supported with SMC. You can find other Video converters to get them to a format that works on SMC. Search this board for the list of Formats that SMC accepts, and then Google for a converter to get your files into one of those.

K, thanks a bundle, you’ve been a great help.