SMC Won't Convert Videos 4 View

my view that i purchased today rocks ! (xcept for the the pics don’t take up the whole screen but i can get over that :slight_smile: )

thats get to the real problem i use SUPER to convert .flv files i download but when i get them into .avi or .wmv format i can’t convert them using sansa media converter and its really ticking me off…yes i’ve tried draggin n droppin that doesn’t work it says file format not supported plez need help very annoyed at this point !

i seriously need help cuz nothings working

I can help you when you try to convert do u get an error message that says not working becasue of H264enc_r.dll. if so i can help you there if not then i dont know whats wrong becasue when i could convert the videos to my view so i did something and now it works. Hope this help.

Check out this thread:

you might need to manually rotated the pics