Can't copy files without drive disapearing

Just started past week. Been using SanDisk 32gb and 16gb drives for a while but now when I try and copy files from my hard drive to the SanDisk it’s like it’s timing out and I get a pop up saying

At this point the drive is no longer recognized by my computer and I have to remove it and replace it. This happens with multiple different files and multiple flash drives.  Windows 7 home 64 bit

Thank you

If you happen to wiggle or jiggle the USB stick while in the pc it can loose it’s connection and need to be reinserted.  I’ve encountered this with my netbook on my lap and the USB drive sticking out.   And same OS as you.

No wiggling or jiggling, thanks though. This happens right at the end of a file transfer, like it’s trying to finish then disconnects.