Can't connect with USB auto detect mode anymore

Upgraded my computer’s OS and attached the Fuze with USB auto detect mode.  The

fuze hung, I believe the screen said connected and then switched to say writing but

it never quit writing.  I finally gave up and unplugged the Fuze or shut down the compute

(can’t remember which.)  After removing the fuze it was still turned on and hung –

completely unresponsive.  After a reset, the Fuze worked normally but reattaching it to a

computer causes it to hang and all I can do is remove it and do a reset.

Attaching in MSC mode works normally so the unit is still functional, but if I switch

back to auto detect mode the problem is still there.  Previously I had used auto detect

mode with no problem.

Any ideas how I can get the unit to work again in auto detect mode?  I’ve tried reinstalling

the firmware, v01.02.31A, but nothing changed.  Switching to a different computer does

not help even though I can attach a different fuze to that machine using auto detect mode.

Problem occured after upgrading OS to Ubuntu to 10.04.

Honestly, you should just quit using auto-detect mode. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Manually select whichever mode (MTP or MSC) matches the capabilities of the PC you’re using at the moment, and how you want to use it. Auto-detect surrenders control to the PC, sometimes with undesired results. There’s a reason some experienced users call it “auto- defect”.

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Auto-Detect searches for Windows Media Player 10 or above on your computer. If it finds it, it goes to MTP mode. If it doesn’t, it goes to MSC.

You’re using Ubuntu. Presumably you don’t have Windows Media Player. Just leave it in MSC (which is where Auto would send it anyway). Don’t worry, be happy.