Cannot turn on clip -- how to open it?

I cannot turn on my Sansa Clip, but it works when I plug it into my computer.

I read here on the forums that other people have the same problem, maybe it is the battery wire, but how do you open the sansa clip to fix it? 

There are some prior threads/posts on this; you may want to try a search using the search box above left (possibly search on battery; wire; disassemble; take apart …).


someone said its just two pieces of plastic pressed together, but i am having a hard time :cry:

Please re-read my last post.  Others have discussed taking apart their Clips, on this forum; that may help you.  I don’t have that discussion at hand.  You need to find it.  Try doing a search using the forum search box at the top left of this page.  I gave you some suggested terms to search on.