Cannot turn off/on - continously 'locked'

I have a clip + that I cannot turn on or off. I plug it into a power source to “Jump start” it. With luck I can get to the audiobook  (or whatever I’m hoping to listen to). I cannot turn it off; it goes into ‘locked’ mode and I can’t release it. So it runs until dead.

I’ve reformatted (Through settings)

I’ve held power and home button down for over a minute

I have bought three or four of these little players (Audiobook junkie) and they seem to self distruct very easily.

Love the size, though.

Any thoughts?

The Power button is on the top right corner. The Home button is the little square on the front–not part of the bigger square with the center button and four direction buttons.

The Home button locks it.

Conceivably your Power button is broken but…are you sure you are using the actual Power button?  It sounds like you are trying to turn it on and off with the Home button.

 Reformatting won’t do any good. You could try manually reapplying the firmware. Look at one of the sticky links near the top of the page.

Here is the Clip + firmware thread. Contrary to what it says, don’t bother with the Updater, which phones home every time you start your computer. Use the manual method.

unfortunately, updating the firmware did not help; I believe the unit is fried. 

It’s a pity, because now I only have two working Clips, and one is just 1gig - can’t fit three books on there at once.

I got spoiled having two expandable players. I could load the books onto a micro card and have one clip always ready for when the battery died in the other. And it ALWAYS seems the battery dies at the most suspenseful part of the book!

Thanks for your help, it is appreciated.


Well, you could choose shorter books…

But a refurbed Clip+ is pretty cheap, and you can get it through a reputable seller like Amazon so you can get money back if there are any problems.

How about buying a new one? Warranty and durability would be you main advantage here.