cannot open file for write in Secure Access

I have a 128GB drive. When I try to add more file I get the following message:

   cannot open file for write

   the directory or file cannot be created

   16.96 of 116.22GB   (14.59 used)  (9202 items)

When I delete some files then I can add again some file up to the limit shown above = 16.96 of 116.22 GB

How can I remove that limit ?


you can try to backup the files and then format the drive on Exfat to have a bigger limit in that case and copy more files inside the drive and the software 

Did you format the drive before using it?  Drives larger than 32GB are manufactured with a format of exFAT and do not need to be reformated to handle large files.

If you didn’t format the drive I suggest you follow the advice to backup up your files but then return it to where you bought it for a new drive.