Cannot install SecureAccess on Mac Yosemite 10.1.1. Boot partition

SanDisk USB/WIFI works fine (renaming, deleting, adding flles) plugged into USB Mac Mini but cannot install SecureAccess app on the Mac boot partition. It WILL install on partition 2 but WIN7 is going there - BTW successfully deleted vault on SanDisk I created fooling around with partition 2 install in Mac Finder. The app install and the vault have all nicely gone away but I need to get this running on boot partition.

(BTW 2 everything hunky-dory with iPad & iPhone wifi)



As far as i can understand you try to get the secure access running on the hdd of the mac. This will not work because the secure access works only with sandisk cruzer drives. So it will only install if you plug yout usb on the mac and then install inside the software.

If you dont have any sandisk drive it will not install the secure access at all.