Cannot be read by Pannasonic TV

It works with normal USB drive (there is a USB port on the side of the tv); however when I plug in the sandisk wireless stick, tv does not recognized the stick. I just bought it this morning; do I have to update the firmware?


Does the wireless stick work when you plug it into a computer? If so it seems like there may be a compatibility issue with the TV. Do other USB drives work in the TV?

TV reads other usb drive;

No problem with the wireless stick for other usages.

I bought the stick thinking I can send video file wireless without plug and unplug the usb drive; which I am doing now!

it would not work for that even if it was recognized by the TV. The chipset in the wireless stick does not support wifi and MSC simultaneous connections. So to access the stick via wifi it cannot be plugged in to a device where a MSC connection is established. 

there is a switch to on/off wifi on the stick; I tried both but it cannot be read by my TV.

It works fine for both on and off when I plug in to my PC!!