Stick not working in TV


I have a 16GB Sandisk Wireless Stick which works perfectly on my laptop and for wireless transfers with my mobile and laptop.

However, when I plug it in myTV, the TV detects USB is plugged in, tries to read the USB and after a while, shows nothing. When a normal pendrive (FAT32 format) is plugged in, TV doesnt takes little time to read the pendrive and shows up the content quickly.

For my wireless stick, I have tried all 3 partitions - exFAT, FAT32 and NTFS. I also updated the pendrive firmware by downloading latest files from sandisk website. Yet, the behavior is still the same.

My TV is 24 inch of Vise (Vijay Sales brand). I dont see any model number on the TV (and I’ve lost the TV packaging box sadly). I couldnt find any means to update the firmware of the TV either. 

My pendrive is just a month old or so. Any suggestions to my problem?