Can you password-protect without encrypting?


New here…

Have searched but couldn’t find an answer, so hopefully this has not been covered. If it has, many apologies but a pointer would be most welcome.

If it hasn’t, someone will hopefully be able to help…

I’d like to use SecureAccess to protect my data with a password but without encrypting, as that takes a looooong time when there’s a lot of folders/files.

It doesn’t seem to be an option, which I think is a shame.
Am I missing something?

Many thanks!

No. Not an option.

What would be the purpose if the files were visible with or without the password.

they wouldn’t have to be visible…
usb-locker, for instance, hides all the files and only shows the usb-locker app on the USB key, which you use to enter the password and boom, all the files are unprotected and visible again!

For $24.95 you should buy it and use it rather than SecureAccess.

Backup all the files you have in SecureAccess, delete all the SecureAccess folders and files, then download and install the app that you like.

that’s an option but it’s no reason why secureaccess shouldn’t offer the same possibility…

A good point Phil. Write to SanDisk and suggest it. This is a users forum, not sure if any SanDisk management/techs read it

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