Can you download youtube videos/sound tracks to your fuze?

Is there anyway to download youtube videos or just the sound to your fuze? 

Try some of the free goodies from here:

you can do it directly, almost.  download video as mp4 in firefox [using downloadhelper].  convert with smc and viola!


if you just want audio, try aoa audio extractor.  it’s easy, free and bug/ad free.


I use anyvideoconverter (free version) to do the initial video conversion - it has a button just for youtube -just enter the URL into the pop-up window.  I then do a final convert with video4fuze or SMC. For short videos, SMC is easier IMHO because it converts and loads.

For audio only, I use a freeware ripper to convert to mp3.  I don’t do audio only much any more because of copyright issues.  If I like the song (assuming its a music video), I’ll buy it from