Can the Clip+ display Japanese characters?

I plan on buying a Clip+ in the near future, but this is something very important to me. A large portion of my music collection has Japanese characters (kanji and kana) in their tags and filenames. Most of them I tagged using foobar2000 which I believe uses ID3v2.4 tags encoded as UTF-8 by default.

Does it display these characters just fine right off the bat, or will I have to do some tweaking? Or will it just not work at all?

I’ve gone on google already and I’ve found a bunch of different answers ranging from “yeah it works just fine” to “none of my songs can be read like dawg wuts goin on hurr”

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I’ve tested “はい、動作” in both ID3 title and filename for you.

It works.

Thanks notgod. No tweaks or anything (like Rockbox) needed right?

Yw. No tweaks needed.