Can somenone release a firmware with folder browse instead of mp3 tags

i really think that we could have a file browser to choose songs and an option to disable the rat going right-left while charging,is that possible? . . . .

and the the song title scrolling like in the samsung u3 

is that possible?mp3 tags song search is annoying and time consuming

Since the Express is discontinued, and no one but SanDisk can write firmware for it, I doubt you will see any signifigant changed functionality in the Express, ever.

The Express follows the new SanDisk standard, only using tags to manage files.  If you want a different function you will have to look at different manufacturers or different firmware, like RockBox for the SanDisk C200/E200 V1

even if the Express is discontinued I though although i’m not a programmer that writing a firmware for this kind of equipment is not that big deal, so can we expect a new firmware made officially or by someone else,just to make it a little less unusable

I suspect that the people at would disagree with you that writing firmware for embedded devices is “not that big a deal.”

They have to customize their work for every platform, and usually without any documentation for the hardware.   It’s not like they have open source code to start with ad alter, at least not on SanDisk models.

For example, they have their firmware running on Version One of the C200 & E200 Sansas, but since the hardware changed with Version Two, they do not yet support it, and that has been true for well over a year, and doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

They have only so much volunteer resource, and using it effectively is important to them.   Better to support more mainstream players with flexible features, like a real lcd screen, than to mess with variants.

If you think writing firmware for MP3 players is “not that big a deal,” can you name some non-open source players that have new non-OEM firmware other than Rockbox?

i don’t have too much knowledge in programming but as there is people writing complete operating systems for computer   it must be simplier to write few screens OS for a pen mp3 player with 2 colours and 4 lines: 1 screen for a file explorer from there (copy,paste,del,format,rename,play commands),1 screen radio frequency changer,1 screen recorder ,and a setting one with few options

“i don’t have too much knowledge in programming”

Well, there you go.

“it must be simplier to write few screens OS for a pen mp3 player…”

It’s a lot harder than you think, even for the manufacturer.  Those screens may look simple, but the code behind them is anything but.

For an individual, writing firmware for an MP3 player is much harder.  Everything must be researched and figured out, and some of it even guessed at.

Sandisk has discontinued the Express, as in they aren’t making it anymore.  They are concentrating on the View, Fuze and Clip.  The last Express firmware update was probably just that, the LAST firmware update there will be.  No one else can write a “Sandisk” firmware except Sandisk.  There are both legal and technical issues.

If you truly have to have the features you describe, then you probably should look to another player.

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