Can not open files in vault

I went to log on the vault, vault was gone, reinstalled secure access, I can see the files are there but will not open.  See below, this is the message I get, I am lost big time…


To access files in the vault you have to use Secure Access not Media Player.  Secure Access to write the files to the vault, Secure Access to read the files in the vault.  To play a file in the vault with Media Player you must use Secure Access to read the file in the vault and write it someplace, usually the hard drive, for Media Player to access it. 

If that sounds inconvenient you’re right.  For confidential files; resumes, business plans, etc store them in Secure Access.  For media files, games, etc store them outside of Secure Access next to the vault.

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Thank you, I had a few video clips stored there, I wonder if I could play them somehow and then save them.