Can i use this without internet access?

I am the new owner of a sansa clip mp3 player. I do not have internet access at home. I have to borrow a computer or travel to the public library to get internet. ALL I WANT IS TO DOWNLOAD MP3’s from my OFFLINE computer to the Sansa. I have little up to date computer knowledge. I put the cd in my home OFFLINE computer and opened the disk under My Computer. It offered me the chance to install a Rhapsody Player. It offered me help ONLINE only. I read all the instructions that came in paper form, charged the player, and was able to listen to the radio or the pre installed music on the player. I have not been able to figure out how to navigate to simply download MP3’s.

I sent tech support a message while online, and got no immediate responce. (I have limited online free library time, and can only get online once a week.) I found a phone number to call, and this forum.

I would like to know if there is any hope for me to use this device without online access. There was NO PRINTED INFORMATION on the outside of the package telling me that I MUST HAVE online access to download MP3’s. 

I forward to any help I can get, otherwise I will have to return this MP3 player.

Ok… Do you have Windows Media player on your computer at home? If you do, just put your CD’s in the disk drive and use Windows media player to rip them, then use windows media player to “Sync”(add) them to the player. There is an issue with Tagging the files (this is why the clip reads the files) so what you need to do before you add the files to the player is in the library tab of windows media player, find the songs you want to add and 1 at a time right click on them and go to the option that sats Advanced Tagging (I think) and you will have to enter the information for that song.

Windows Media has a very good help file that you shouldn’t need the internet for.