I cant figure this out

My daughter was given a sansa clip 1gb for her birthday, I do not have any kind of disk to put music on it or any hardware, Is there an alternative way to get music on this I need help I am going crazy

Start the program Windows Media Player which is already on your pc. click on the rip tab. click it again, and choose format, and click on mp3. Click it again, and choose bitrate. Choose 192 or 256. 192 lets you get more music on the player, but 256 gives better sound quality. i suggest that 128 kbps not be used. Next insert an audio CD in the CD rom drive and follow the instructions. Connect the player to the pc and let it charge for a few hours. After you rip a buch of Cds to your pc, use Windows explorer(right click on start, click on explore) to find the songs on your pc. They will probably be in MY documents, my music, or something similar. You can transfer a folder full of music to the player by right clicking on it and choosing copy, then find the music folder of the player in Windows Explorer on your pc, right click on it, then choose paste. At 256 kbps, the player will hold up to almost 9 hours of music, while at 192 kbps, it will hold around 13 hours of music.

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No worries!  This wee beastie can be loaded with music in a multitude of ways.

The most direct, for starters, is to open Windows Media Player, and rip your favorite CDs as Windows Media Audio or MP3, and transfer the files to your connected device.

Have a look at this brief video, or have a look at the User Guide for information.

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