Can I 'Download' pics from my Windows7 PC *TO* a memory card ?

 How can I ‘download’ digital PHOTOS *from* my Windows 7 PC *to* a Memory Card ?

>My objective is to select certain PC photos and on-to a memory card to insert into a Digital Picture *Frame*.
(These photos have been ‘uploaded’ to Windows “My Pictures” on my PC from my CANON Digital Camera).  Thank you.

  1. Put your memory card into a card reader.
  2. Plug card reader into USB port on your computer.
  3. Open Window Explorer.
  4. Navigate to memory card (seen as a separate drive).
  5. Open your My Pictures folder in a different Explorer window.
  6. Re-size windows so you can see both locations.
  7. Select those files (photos) you want to copy. Use the Ctrl button in conjunction with your mouse to select mutiple files.
  8. Drag & drop the photos from your My Pictures folder to the memory card.
  9. Done.

Alternatively, you can also use Edit > Copy to… if you’re not comfortable dragging and dropping the files.

Tapeworm…super, thanks !


Any help with same for mac computer, been trying for days…won’t drag and drop or cut and past from iphoto.  thx.