Download photos from my E-MAIL page

I am new at using this type of product. I am trying to download pictures from my E-MAil page and don’t know how. I have Windows 7.

Have you ever downloaded pictures to your pc before?

Only from my camera card,the ones I nedd to down load are in a folder in my E-Mail account page

“my E-Mail account page”

What type of email account?  Google?  Yahoo?  etc?


Internet Explorer is a “browser”, not an e-mail service, provider or client. When in IE, what webpage or site do you go to and log in to get your e-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc?

If you right-click on a photo in your email, do you get a menu that pops up with an option to save the picture?

When you view a photo on with Internet Explorer if you position your mouse point over the photo and RIGHT click on it what options show up?

I want to thank you for your time and efort in this matter, however after spending half the day on it I finaly figured it out. Thank you very much Ed.

Happy to hear of your success apalomo9.   Always love stories with happy endings.  :smiley: