micro SD

hi all…i’m a newbie. just got the connect yesterday. i opted to download music from wmp…not yahoo. no problem. now trying to get photos from windows xp to micro card. can anyone walk me thru it. i have a micro in my samsung blackjack and it was a piece of cake to load. thanks in advance

You should just be able to drag jpgs into the removable disk drive that corresponds with the card in “My Computer.”  It’s the 2nd removable drive placed there by the player; the main being the player itself.

Hello lulu1013, welcome to the SanDisk Sansa Community.

Please watch the video linked below for instructions on how to add photos to your MicroSD card for the Sansa Connect


The Sansa Connect microSD slot currently only reads. A firmware upgrade expected soon will add capability to read/write to the microSD card. Until then you need to copy content to the microSD card using a separate card reader.