Can i downgrade my firmware?...

i like the 1 before the latest better

what don’t you like about the new one?

Yes you can!  You need to do it manually by dropping the bin. file you extrackded to the root directory. But I agree with the last poster. Why would you like the last version better? IMO Sandisk did a great job with the latest firmware upgrade!  Very close to bug free…  In fact for what I use my Fuze for I have not see a bug in the latest firmware v01.01.22a! George

lukev hit the nail on the head. What exactly dont you like about the current FirmWire?  Is it a function issue?

yes now my album art doesn’t show when i sync music

how exactly do you do it?

Info was from the first page of the Firmware update page!!  Here you go!!  ONLY USE the Firmware of your choice… 

All Regions - Click here to download


All languages are now in one firmware version. After firmware update you will need to select your Language and Region preference.


• Ensure your battery is > 50% full.
• Extract the .zip file into a folder on your computer.
• Once extracted, drag the file to the root directory of your Sansa Fuze.
• Disconnect the Sansa Fuze and let it begin the firmware update.
• Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will turn itself off.
• Turn the Fuze on Select your language and region preference
• Once its back to the main menu, head to “Settings” > “System Settings” > “Info”, and verify the “Version” is now 02.01.17"x

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what is the root directory?

Explore  " my computer" click on the Fuze then click on the internal memory…  Here you will see a few folders… Drop the extracted firmware of your choice in here but not in any of the folders!!  Let it load.  When done unplug fuze and let it update, it will turn itself off when done…  Tune it back on then chose you region…  That’s it…  George

didn’t work

i put it as a solution but it didnt work i have a version 1 so i think thats y it didnt work

 Then you didn’t do it right!!  Re read and try it again!!  maybe others can help you out!  George

Your choices of firmware will be!!  v01.01.11   v01.01.15   and the latest v01.01.22…  They all will load as stated manually!  George 

You only linked to one firmware, and it’s for the v2 Fuze.

Here’s the link to the previous v1 firmware. Then follow the rest of George_W’s directions.

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 I didn’t mean to link to anything… I just copied and pasted , it was there!! I’m sure he can do some of the work and search for the firmware he wants to install!!  But I’ll make it as easy as I can for him!!  Here is a link for the last firmware!George

This is for 01.01.15

if you want  version 01.01.11  it’s posted look for it!! Took me all of 15sec to find this link…

Thank You gwk1967!!! I didn’t see you posted the link for the previous firmware!!  George

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if your having trouble transfering the .bin file, try switching your fuze to msc mode, to do this go on your fuze and go to settings: usb mode: and click msc, then follow the previous intructuions, it should work then.