Firmware downgrade from 01.02.31F

Hi all, I have upgraded my fuze firmware to the version 01.02.31F. Now the volume is very low, too low. There is a way to downgrade the firmware? There is a site where I can find old firmare too?

Thank you very much


Help me, please! :cry:

The answer is Yes to both questions. However, you may want to check the Fuze board. There is a workaround w/o having to back-date.

Excuse me, what is Fuze board?

Can you write me a url where I can download it?


This is the Sansa Firmware updater board in the Firmware | Software | Accessories category. If you look farther up the page you’ll see the Devices category. The 1st board under that is Sansa Fuze. :smiley:

Thanx! I found it:

And here’s just one thread regarding the issue you’re describing: