Can I disable 'back/reverse' button if I open it up?

The back/reverse button on my Clip+ seems to have a short and 90% of the time the player thinks that button is being pressed.  I can get music play started then lock the player’s buttons and it works, but it’s a bit of a pain and the screen largely stays illuminated because it thinks that button is being pushed.  I’m about to toss it, but does anyone know, if I crack it open, is there a slender wire corresponding to that back button that I could sever, or maybe insert a piece of nonconductive material between 2 contact points to just disable the back button entirely?  Thanks.

Don’t know but maybe you can figure it out here:

Hmm, looks like even after it’s opened, you don’t have ready access to that part of the player directly under the nav buttons.  I’m really sad about losing this player.  With Rockbox, it was my fave music player of many I’ve owned.  Might just replace it on ebay or something.