How do you disable buttons so you dont accidentally fast forward

New member here, but longtime sansa clip fan. I still think the first generation was the best design, with the sliding on/off button that was also used to lock the buttons. Battery life was amazing as well.

Long story short, what I miss about clips these days is that you cant lock the buttons. I listen to long files and I often accidentally lose my tracks and Im sick of it. So I see this sport clip that looks awesome, 8 gigs, 25 hour battery, but no lockability…

Why not?!

I assume that it’s tied to the loss of the separate on/off button.  But I agree that it should remain–especially for a player aiming at physical exercise. 

Someone in design / marketing really blew it on this model. To design and market this model as a “Sport” version for active users, then leave out the “lock” button feature as a cost cutting and or rush to market Choice is an insult to the intelligence and common sense of the consumer. Really!!! Come on people! Previous Sansa models all have “Lock” button features to prevent accidental pushing of the control buttons. especially with A sport version where activities such a running, biking, working out at the gym or even working in the yard at home or being active all day on the job, it’s so easy to bump or push a control button, losing that song or place on an audio book page and then have to stop and find where you were, is a waste of time and frustrating. Sandisk will lose sales and have a high return rate because of this bad decision…Wow! Really too bad…

One fortunate thing I’ve found is, the buttons are not as sensitive as on the Clip Zip.

There is nothing productive that adds constructively to the conversation here. It is only a rant. So read on if you want to comiserate. Otherwise, you may skip it because I"m only doing this to vent and with the hope that someone at Sansa sees this and it adds to the general feedback for the next new product they introduce.

Well, I gave it a month. I started to take it back because of the lack of a lock feature but I was going on a long trip and needed something for the next day’s trip and this is what was available at Best Buy. I started to take it back before I even loaded anything on it because I knew the no lock function was going to be a disaster, and it has been. Getting an hour and fifteen into a two hour podcast and brushing up against something makes me invent curse words. Sandisk, I doubt, really cares that I’m griping about this because they have their money, and I"m out mine, but I’m ordering something new tomorrow. I don’t usually talk bad about the folks who build this kind of thing because they are going off market research and whatnot, but what in the heck was anyone, ANYONE, over there thinking not having a lock function on this thing? I’m just not going use it anymore. I’d like to order a sansa just because I"ve had four or five through the years that were great that I just wore out, but on principal alone, I’m going elsewhere just because this was so dang stupid. I’m going to go get a $10 something at Wally World to use for the next few days until the new whatever I get arrives.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Try a SanDisk Sansa Clip+  or, if you want cover art, the Clip Zip.  My guess it, they will more than capably fit your needs (and yes, they both have lock functions).  The Clip+ is a bit more resistant to accidental button pushes even without the lock function on–I find that I rarely need to use that function with the Clip+.