Power button broken

It seems that the power button is no longer working properly on my Sansa Clip.  Pressing the button does not “click” anymore.  I can power the unit on USB and then it will work.  The device seems to rattle when you shake it now.  :-(

Are you still within the warranty period (1 year U.S., 2 years EU)?  If so, SanDisk will replace.

In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:  http://www.sandisk.com/sandisk-support/contact-us

(Telephoning better than emailing.)

Same problem. :frowning:

Apparently I dropped it and broke the little switch inside the case. Tried fixing it myself without luck and scratched up the case in the process.

Was wondering if Rockbox could be used to re-map that particular button?

Doubt it.

Poo. I’ve been looking for a second broken Clip+ thinking that I could salvage parts from it. Not sure it’s worth all the effort though…

That’s a shame.  The power button is the master command button, like the power button on a PC.  It’s hard-wired as they say.  To reset the device, this input is required.  I would guess that you can remap virtually everything else, but the power button is “the big Kahuna” essentially.

It is possible to salvage a button from another Clip+, but as inexpensive as they are, it might be better to find a deal on a new one than endure the headacke.  Well, I am a tinkerer myself, so a parts donor is definitely an option.  You’s have a spare display, case bits, a clip, a headphone jack, and a battery, just for starters.

Bob  :wink:

I bought mine in September and use it daily on the jobsite,. It has worked wonderfully other than having to be recharged every night. Last week I dropped it on the kitchen floor and now I have the same problem with the power button not working.  I can get it to power on via the usb cable but every so often the Clip locks up and stays stuck for awhile with no way to do a reset. Is there a fix for this?

That has happened to me too. For me the problem just went away by itself after some time. Not sure exactly what I did to “fix” it.

Also, anyone know where I might get a replacement switch? I was thinking Frys, but I couldn’t find any that were that small.