Can I buy a broken Sansa Express (or just USB cap)?

I recently bought a Sansa Express for each of my daughters, and they love them.  They were especially appreciated on the long drive which began our vacation. 

Then, somehow, my youngest daughterlost all the music on her player.  (I can only guess she was searching the menus and found format.)  Fortunately, I was able to reload most of it from my laptop – but in the process I lost the USB cap.

I haven’t told my daughter yet – but I know she’ll be in tears over how I ruined her MP3 player.  I have USB caps in my parts box at home, but they just won’t look as cool, and she’d be miserable everytime she looked at her MP3 player.  Is there any way to get another Sansa Express USB cap?  Does anyone have an old broken unit that they would be willing to sell me?  Or do I have to buy a whole new unit?

Thanks for your time.


Embarassed Dad

Get one from here:

And tell her it’s an upgrade