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Hello.  I noticed so many of your posts are very helpful.  I’ve had my MP3 about 4 years.  Yes it’s old-never a problem.  Still works fine.  It’s a SanDisk SDMX1   512R.  The problem I have is…it was put away for about 2 years.  I have songs on there I would like to keep, would like to delete others, etc.  I remember having the “Explore Device” option in WMP.  I’m sure it was an older version.  I now have WMP11.  I plug it in, it’s recognized, but there are no options under the Sync tab so I can see what songs are on there.  It’s not filled—has about 77MB of space left to use.  I know some people are rolling back to WMP10, some are talking about updating firmwares, etc.  Is there something I need to update, roll back or what??  Maybe with all the updates I just am not hitting the right buttons and don’t know where to look.  If I hit the “Sync” on the right side of the screen under the player, usually where the song list is–what will happen?  Thanks for your help.

Sorry for the delay but I’ve been researching some on this.  I had installed WMP11 on my desktop, didn’t like it, so rolled back to WMP10.  I took my laptop out of the closet, installed WMP 11 on it and played with it. Also read the user’s guide for your legacy player on the SanDisk website. 

The user’s guide for the SDMX1 tells you to use Windows Explorer or a similar program to save music files to the device. It doesn’t support playlists or Windows Media Player sync.  You should be able to use Windows Explorer to copy the music from the device to a folder on the PC or delete it.  WMP 10 or 11 don’t offer a “copy to PC” option, only “delete” if you right click on the song(s).

You asked earlier about differences in WMP 10 and 11.  Here is what I’ve found.

  • Interface:  WMP10 displays libraries, playlists, songs, etc. in list format, very easy to follow.  WMP11 shows them in “graphic” format with Album Art taking up most of the screen.  If I wanted Album Art I would have bought a Fuze or similar player.  Makes it harder to work with playlists as large as mine.
  • With WMP10 on the PC, if you right click on a song (or songs) located on the PC in Windows Explorer, you get options to “Add to Now Playing List”, “Add to Playlist”, “Add to Sync List” or “Add to Burn List”.  With WMP11, the only option is to “Add to Windows Media Player List”.
  • With WMP11 an added option is, if you right click on a song on the player using Windows Explorer you now get an option to “Create Playlist”.  It would be great if it was “Add to Playlist”, but that is at least a new function.

All in all, I prefer WMP10, because I have several thousand songs on the PC and like to do a file search using Windows Explorer, select the results of the search, right click and add them to a playlist.