Cable for fuze

I have lost the computer link cable for my Fuze so can’t load stuff or charge the battery.  Where can I get a new one? Are they sold as spares?:confounded:

First, don’t get an iPod cable because it looks similar but connects differently and will fry the Fuze.

Search for Sansa Fuze cable. Plenty of them around. 

Amazon has them.±htc&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Afuze+cable±htc

So do cellphone accessory companies and eBay.

The same cable fits the Sansa E200, so you can use that in searches as well. 

It doesn’t have to be from SanDisk. The non-SanDIsk ones are considerably cheaper but don’t last quite as long, so you might want to get two. I actually like the white one, just because it’s easier to find since I have so many black cables.

The original cables (30 pin type) are available directly from SanDisk if you are looking for them.  There were some durable ones made by Griffin and Maximo as well, both with great warranties.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: