Where to buy USB Sync Cable

 Well, I’m from Portugal and I bought a Sansa Fuze. But shortly after that I lost my USB Data Sync/Charge cable. Where can I purchase a new one? (it would be nice if it didn’t ruin my device, like the ones who are sold at amazon ;D)

 Thanks for your time.

I have never had any trouble with cables from Amazon. Just make sure it is for the Sansa Fuze (or Sansa E200–same cable).

An iPod cord will ruin the Fuze.

Where can I buy a usb cable that comes with the mp3 player?

@edauty wrote:

Where can I buy a usb cable that comes with the mp3 player?


As mentioned in the post just above yours, you can get them on Amazon.com or even the Sansa store.

The ones from Amazon aren’t original ones from Sansa, so they’ve lower quality (and there’ve been reports of ruined devices by them). Plus, the Sansa Store only works in the US.

There are lots of generic cables that work. I got one from Amazon that said “Inspire” on the plug, and it’s fine.

If you are outside the US, you can call SanDisk tech support for your region.


 Talked with the agent of Sandisk in Portugal, and he sent me a free sandisk-branded cable. Respect to the work of good people.

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