c240 and Audible files

From what I’ve read, I understand that c200 series of MP3 players does not support Audible file format. Right?

But I was wondering if anybody tried to download Audible software for c players and use it on c200 player?.. It’s probably kind of stupid question, but what if it works? :wink::smileyvery-happy:

If sandisk says it doesnt work, then im sure it wont. Probably a waste of money/time to try. The c200 version 2 seem to work fine with audible.com. Im sure audio books in .wma or .mp3 format will work though.

“c200 version 2” - did you mean the firmware?

… I have not actually subscribed to Audible yet. I wanted to find out if it works on sansa c240 before I waste my money for a subscription.

Did anyone here find a way to listen to Audible audio-books on c200 series players? How does it work for you?

not firmware but hardware… a different device… at the back of the player, if you can see ‘c2XX v2’, that version 2

Thanks a lot for the explanation!
I just checked my c240, and it is not version 2 :cry:… Tried Audible files, they are not being accepted by the player :cry:… bummer!

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