C250 does NOT support Audible...even though the package says it does!

I bought a Sansa C250 at Circuit City tonight specifically because it says on the package that it supports Audible. Guess I should have checked with Audible first, huh? SanDisk tech support told me that if it was a v2 it would be supported, but that the only way to tell is to open the package and look at the very, very fine print on the back next to “Made in China.” They told me to go back to Circuit City and exchange it for a v2. Yeah, right, I’m sure Circuit City is going to be happy to let me slice open all their packages to look for the elusive v2.

If the package says “supports Audible audio file formats,” I should be able to rely on that. Tech support tried to tell me that that meant Audible files would be supported if they were in WMA or MP3 format. Since when does Audible provide anything except .aa format?

This goes back to Circuit City tomorrow and will be my last SanDisk purchase.