C140 - No radio

Friends, I had a problem with my sansa and got it replaced by SanDisk team…
My previous firmware was
and in this new (replaced) sansa, the firmware is 2.0.007E.

Because of this new firmware, the Radio option is not available. How do I get it back??

you should contact them again and let them know they messed up, shoudl have no problem RMA’ing it again for you. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Thanks Enigma,
I’ve got the firmware (that SANDISK already gave me)… Can I use it to replace the firmware???

you can tryjust replacing the firmware, although I doubt that would work. Worst case scenario you end up with another RMA to be sent an american player (as opposed to a european)

yes, buddy…I contacted the support and they’ve arranged for another RMA… ha ha :angry:

So I’ve started to pack my Sansa…:neutral_face:

But the processing is really great… They replace it within 15 days… :smiley:

I would like to know what is an AUDIO BOOK??!! :dizzy_face:

just type things like that into google buddy, youll get all the answers you want.

Thanks , I came to knw abt Audiobooks…

buddy, i’ve downloaded an audiobook…
They have given two formats: mp3 and m4b …

I’ve downloaded both… But they dont come under “Audio Book” Category…

How  do I do that?? and m4b format doesnt come on my player??

Plz Help me to get the audiobook listed under audiobook title…!:cry:

you cant, only things that will list under “audiobooks” is audible.com files. Those are .aa.

The c100 can play back audiobooks in .mp3 and .wma format, but theres no way to get them under the “audiobooks” selection.