Buyer Beware

I purchased two brand new San Disk Ultra Plus 32 GB SD cards in October.  On first use, one completely failed.  I took photos and videos over a four hour period and everything worked fine.  I opened one JPG in Photoshop, then tried to open another and it told me the disk was unusable.  I tried a different computer, same thing - kept asking me to format it.  Camera would not read it as well. 

I went to the San Disk website for a solution, and they recommended a purchase of LC Tech Intl disk recovery software. I purchased the deluxe version for $59.99.  Their software failed to recover any video files and completely renamed all of the JPG files it was able to recover (it did not recover all of them).  In other words, I purchased their software that failed to work as they sold it.  After it did not work I immediately uninstalled it.  I was able to recover all of the files, with the correct names, WITH OTHER SOFTWARE.  Seeing that they sold me a bad product, I requested a refund.  They said they do not provide refunds.

San Disk must have some sort of lucrative deal with this company to recommend them and their bad software - when they don’t provide refunds if it fails to work.  San Disk, you should be ashamed of your business practices if this is the case!