Defective SanDisk 16GB Extreme cards

I bought a new Extreme Sandisk SD card for a European trip in early May. It worked well for 1200 photos and then suddenly I received an error message saying the card was faulty. What was different was that after that message the card would not register on any computer or the camera–it simply wasn’t there. SanDisk Canada has indicated that this may be a manufacturing fault and their proposed solution was to send it to a US data recovery firm. The charge for a 16GB card is $225US plus the cost of registered postage. SanDisk’s only offer to me was to replace the card-they wouldn’t even cover my postage costs let alone any recovery costs. A local data recovery expert has advised that this was probably an electrical issuer as the card doesn’t register and recovery may well not be possible.

So two lessons–beware of the Sandisk Extreme 16GB card as there may well be others with manufacturing faults and second, do not expect anything in the way of assistance from SanDisk. They seem to care little for either their customers or their reputation.

As a footnote, before sending the card to their suggested  US data firm (presumably a lucrative business) they require two calender days to send me a simple authorization so that they then get the card back at the end of the process.  .

While failures of these type of product is rare as with any electronic product they can happen. That said there is no storage manufacturer that covers data in their warranty. This is industry standard.

SanDisk does not provide data recovery services and the company they referred you to is third party which is not affiliated with SanDisk so you comment suggesting SanDisk is making money off your recovery is unfounded. 

There are literally hundreds of millions of the 16GB Extreme cards on the market and not everyone is seeing a failures so there is no reason to suspect these cards have any issue. You have one card that failed. These things happen however they are quite rare. 

The 2 days they told you are standard processing time. It usually is much quicker. That said you can hold for immediate approval if you wish when you call or start a chat. If you emailed then that is a little slower service. 

While there may be an industry standard and I didn’t expect that you were going to either pay for a return trip for me to take the photos over, or necessarily pay all the costs of data recovery, a simple apology would have been nice. Instead I am told that Sandisk doesn’t do data recovery but to send it to a US firm who will attempt recovery for a cost of $225.00  And you simply indicate “that failures can happen”–the reason I paid a premium for a Sandisk card to start with rather than a no-name variety.I note that there was not even an offer to cover postage let alone the substantial cost of recovery. If these failures are as rare as you suggest, presumably Sandisk could afford to be a little more proactive in assisting their customers who are run into these problems.

Your agent has twice phoned me back after my email replies to him but on both occasions, I am presuming he was using Skype or VOIP or some such, because his audio was almost completely unintelligible due to heavy static. Presumably SanDisk doesn’t do land lines either.

I have had data recovery using my Sandisk Rescue Pro disc (twice). Maybe Sandisk doesn’t offer this anymore because I got Rescue Pro a few years ago when I purchased my CF card.

It sounds like a faulty controller chip in the card.  I had a very similar issue with one of my memory cards.  While my wife and I were in Italy for our anniversary we had a memory card completely quit working.  This was after 3 days of exploring Rome and the card was nearly full!

When we got home I tried taking the card to both a camera shop and a computer shop and was told they couldn’t recover the pictures, but they could send it away to a place in the US.  I contacted this place and described my problem.  They said there was only a 70% chance they could recover the pictures and that just wasn’t good enough for me.

I found a company in Germany called Recoverfab.  I described the problem I had and they figured it was about a 90% chance they could get everything.  That was good enough for me, so I sent the card in.  They sent an e-mail when the card was received saying they had it and would process it in a few days.  The next day I got an e-mail from them saying that they had recovered all of my pictures and videos from the card, along with a preview of them!  I seriously had tears in my eyes actually seeing those pictures!

So for this problem I definitely recommend checking this place out.  Their website is  It is definitely not free, but it is totally worth every penny spent.

I purchased a new Extreme Sandisk 16 gb a  “”""""“few days ago”"""""""".

It worked for 1200 photos and then said that the card could (not be accessed).  

Now it wont register at all on my Canon600D. Likewise there is no information on the camera screen or the computer, unable to get any help as i have the serial number from inside the packaging, but cannot obtain the activation number or anything else on the screen to download any advise.


Can anyone help??



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Can anyone help??



SanDisk Tech Support

C’est de la marde  !! j’ai scrapper mon tournage à cause de cette ostie carte … maintenant … impossible de formater … je l’ai crisser au vidange !

 Good Luck

I actually have this very same issue with my scan disk only bought this year. I am going to contact the shop I bought it from, but thought I would check on the Scandisk website first to see if it is a one off issue or not. It will not register on the camera or in the computer. And another issue- when I put it in the camera, it prevents it from turning on. Thought that was quite strange.

So this isn’t actually a one time thing, and undoubtably isnt that rare, just people are used to items not working properly, with shoddy stuff made in China.