SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro Failure

We were at my wife’s family reunion and I was just wrapping up a final video of some of the grandchildren singing to their grandparents.  Then my San Disk 16GB Extreme Pro malfunctioned causing my Nikon camera to lock up with an error message, until I removed the defective disk from the camera.   I was unable to take photos, access photos from the camera, or download the data into my computer (308 photos and 15 videos).   After searching various on-line forums, I found excellent reviews for a company in Germany that recovers data from defective disks – Recoverfab.  I found the company on-line (,   I followed the instructions on-line and received an email that gave me a tracking number and instructed me to mail the disk to Germany.  The initial quote was $216.00 (personal photos),  The disk took a couple weeks to reach Germany, but once it was received, I got a response back immediately from Leopold Hiersche, and within a couple days my data was recovered and I was able to see the photos on-line.  The intial quote stood, and it was certainly worth the $216.00 to recover all of those lost memories.   Thank you Leopold and Recoverfab. (Dale J - USA).