Broke volume-down button on Clip+

Hey I dropped my clip+ by accident and after this the volume-down button isn’t working. Volume-up is working fine.

It seems something broke inside, because the volume-down feels different when you press it. It’s kind of soft, doesn’t make that soft click-sound that it did before.

Is there any chance I can fix this myself? Can I somehow open up the clip+ and check inside?

It seems to me that this is a very small yet very annoying problem, so I would really like to fix it.



Yes, you can open it up. You need something with a thin blade, preferably firm plastic, like ip*d disassembly sticks to take it apart, it’s relatively easy if you ever disassembled a phone.

Hopefully you’ll able to fix the volume rocker, but if you couln’t — there still is a software workaround. Swap the firmware for Rockbox, and set its Quickscreens to control the volume: Settings > Sound settings > Volume (long select) > Set as Top Quickscreen + Set as Bottom Quickscreen.

Now you can access your Quickscreen with long Home press and change volume with the main pad (up / down). The changes apply when you leave the screen.

Cool, thanks!