Can't change the volume

I have a clip 4gb which I have had a for a couple of months.   As of this morning, the volume decrease button stopped responding.   Anybody else experience this before?


That’s a first for me.  Try holding the power switch in the up position for 15 seconds (soft reset) and see if the volume down command button works again.  If it doesn’t respond, the switch contact could be bad, or the issue might be in the key assignments themselves.

This assignment may be software related, so a firmware reinstallation may help, otherwise, it’s an actual dead contact.  I’d call 1-866-SANDISK, and ask.

Bob  :wink:

Thanks,  I am pretty sure it is a contact that is bad.   The volume up works.  The down doesn’t seem to connect to anything.   Since it is a fairly new unit, I’ll just call the number and see what can be done.   I wish I could fix it myself…but that would void the warrenty.   “Made in China”